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Kachinas - Spirit Beings of the Hopi
Paintings by: Neil David Sr.
Descriptions by: J. Brent Ricks and Alexander E. Anthony
Forward by: Frederick Dockstader

200 pages; 79 color plates; 5 black and white photos;
Softbound; ISBN 0-936755-53-9.
plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

This is not just another book about Kachina dolls. As one reviewer said "The art of Neil David, Sr. makes Kachinas Spirit Beings of the Hopi a true treasure among books.

In the late 1970s Neil David, Sr. was commissioned to create paintings of "unusual" kachinas. Over the next several years, Neil eventually produced 79 full color portraits of the front and back of these kachinas. This technique shows the entire costume of the kachinas. Neil David, Sr. was the perfect artist to undertake such a commission. A full participant in the ceremonies of his First Mesa Village at Hopi, Neil is a founding member of the Artist Hopid group and a relative of Jesse Fewkes' illustrator from his 1903 Smithsonian Report. Since there is no absolutely defined number of kachinas, the paintings include quite a few that are not found in other published sources. The Kachinas are described and referenced to all other available kachina literature, when possible and through Neil David's own notations.
The paintings were shown to other Hopi tribal members who were asked for their comments about the paintings. These comments and other descriptions emphasize the living nature of the Hopi's Kachina culture. The original paintings are now part of a museum collection.