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A Mad Crazy River
The MOVIE - Down the Colorado River in a Rowboat.
Kachinas-Spirit Beings of the Hopis
Moki Snake Dance
Hopi Snake Ceremonies
Mimbres Art and Archeology
Mesa Verde Ancient Architecture
Pendleton Woolen Mills
Zuni Fetishism
Grandmother's Adobe Doll House

Auschwitz 1940 - 1945

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Welcome to Avanyu Publishing

Avanyu brings to the public the history, culture, art and ceremonies of the Native American people of the Southwest as chronicled by Southwestern explorers.

Avanyu's newest edition is A Mad Crazy River, Running the Grand Canyon in 1927. In 1927 Clyde Eddy and a crew of East Coast college boys, a mongrel dog, and a bear cub set off to run the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon during flood stage.
The story is very well told, hair-raising and suspenseful. This is a true adventure story. Eddy had with him a movie camera and the 1927 documentary-style film is also available.

Avanyu has brought back into print early studies of the Hopi Indians of Arizona, with Hopi Snake Ceremonies and Moki Snake Dance, as well as the first-hand and contemporary insight and opinions of tribal members in Kachinas Spirit Beings of the Hopi. Avanyu's titles on the Native American Indians of the Southwest have shared the first impressions of those who explored the pre-historic sites of the Mimbres Valley in southern New Mexico and the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings in southwestern Colorado, in Mimbres Art and Archaeology and Mesa Verde Ancient Architecture, with thousands of readers.

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Auschwitz 1940 - 1945 is a passport to the camps. It documents the degeneration of mankind.
This book takes the reader through the camp. It documents the horrors of daily existence at the most hideous place on earth.
These pages preserve the memory of the world's most horrifying atrocities...